Monday, January 10, 2011

Weavin' Wicker Woman™ Blog Moved! is where you can find the Weavin' Wicker Woman™ blog. I moved from to my own domain after the first of the year in 2011.

All the same great posts about chair caning, wicker repair, basketry and related wacky, weaving, wonders that entertained you for the last SIX years have been moved! Everything has been migrated to the new site, including all the SIX YEARS of Archives so you won't miss a thing!!

Please change all your links and you might need to subscribe again if you are a Networked Blogs or Google Friends follower.

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE either by RSS or email, to the new blog using the subscription form on the right sidebar so you won't miss any terrific and informative resource blog posts.

It's been real... Happy Weaving and see you on the other blog platform!

Continue our warm and friendly connections here, too:

The Wicker Woman®--Cathryn Peters (Seatweaving & Chair Caning Forum) (The SeatWeavers' Guild, Inc.)

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